Stanford continues to be the most selective school in the nation

Stanford continues to be the most selective school in the nation


Even though things will not have gone as well with the College of Dayton on Sunday, last night Stanford University kept bragging liberties as the most frugal school online.

Once again besting Harvard in the game the Crimson taken over for years, regardless if Stanford uploaded a your five. 07 pct admit rate— the lowest with university record in addition to the lowest in the state.

Stanford gotten a whopping 44, 167 computer software for the Course of 2018— 8. some percent more than last year’s applications. In December, 748 trainees were accepted through Stanford’s restrictive earlier action process. And on Comes to an end evening, an extra 1, 390 applicants obtained highly wanted admit is aware, while 958 students had been offered possibilities to sit on the exact waitlist.

Depending on Colleen Lim, director about undergraduate programs, fewer students were said this year as a consequence of an amazing rise in Stanford’s yield(percent of pupils accepting a proposal admission) within the last few four ages.

‘Stanford’s reputation for excellence in the world has undoubtedly impacted our own application figures, ‘ Lim said to the very Stanford Day-to-day.


Last year at the moment, Stanford’s confess rate fallen to 5. seven percent with 6. 6th percent in 2012, and then for the first time combat Harvard with regard to selectivity. This, Harvard not merely experienced your drop within applications (34, 295 right from 35, 023), but also raised its selectivity from quite a few. 8 to 5. 9 per-cent.

Although the level of competition to see which will school can admit budget friendly percent of applicants is not really particularly interesting, make certainly no mistake— these kind of schools discover and cherish what the others are doing.

Actually it’s a match driven from the desire to be Leading. And it many supports the main US News ranking machines top tier schools love to can’t stand.

While Stanford won the very selectivity rivalry for the School of 2018, the true check will come when numbers usually are tallied plus final give is calculated.

Harvard seems to have traditionally boasted of a bigger yield compared with Stanford, yet even the difference is normally shrinking simply because more scholars elect to get west in addition to reap the benefits of all year sunshine. In case relative makes get much closer, there may be some changes at the top of typically the US Announcement rankings.

‘I wonder the total number of of those admitted will accept Stanford’s offer. Often times, who wants to are in a park with Speaking spanish architecture and a bunch of quail? Eww…, ‘ remarked any commenter about the Stanford Regular website.

Numerous, evidently.

First results from the Common Applying it

Now that airborne dust is buying a somewhat chaotic component season, men or women at the Typical App include begun crunching numbers to obtain additional focus on the actual 754, 545 ‘unique’ people who enlisted with the method and published applications to be able to 517 associate institutions the 2010 season.

And some appealing ‘submission trends’ between Aug 2013 and also February 2014 have started to arise, including of which glitches within the system seemed to have no impact on the volume of applications put forward.

In fact , the most popular App has already seen a good 13 percent increase across the number of programs received now last year.

Although final results won’t be available for more months, listed here preliminary effects from info received to-date by the Common Application:

  • 3. 4 million computer software were posted through the Well-known App by means of February 2014
  • Individual individuals submitted an average of 4. several applications each
  • 28. 6% of the scholars submitting apps were initial generation— neither of the 2 parent with a 4-year qualification
  • 55% of the applicants have been female as well as 45% males
  • Over 9% were international and showed 203 locations, with The far east sending quite possibly the most applications (36. 1%) then India (6%) and Quebec (4. 5%)
  • Most individuals (72. 9%) were enrolled in public educational institutions, while only 1% were homeschooled
  • Of the 91. 5% of candidates who responded questions pertaining to race, 67. 3% happen to be white, 19. 6% had been Asian, and even 9. 7% were Charcoal
  • A grand absolute of 1, 763, 180 Posting Supplements ended up submitted by way of this new component of the Common Request
  • 12, 161, 337 suggestions forms have already been submitted in the system— up to now
  • December thirty-one, 2013 is the single biggest day in Common App past with 412, 265 man or women logins and even 154, 903 applications submitted— the Common Instance received some. 2 types per minute before the wall clock struck midnight

When the Common Application continues to receive its property in order for the fresh year, concerning 30 institutions were passed by the Panel for element to the roster of fellow member institutions (contracts are being bargained with and titles haven’t really been released yet). Presumably some permanent account manager director will probably be announced just, and options are going toward bring almost all technical performs in-house.

Meantime, seniors will be mulling in excess of responses by what serves as a strange time, counselors happen to be readying finalized reports, colleges and universities are selecting what their whole future romantic relationship will be using the Common Practical application, and the method is getting set to start yet again on August 1 .


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